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SMSFactor values the code of conduct of the TEM and aims to create a sustainable mobile ecosystem

SMSFactor joins the Trust in Enterprise Messaging program as a quality expert of professional SMS

Since its creation in 2010, SMSFactor became a successful SMS platform thanks to its transparency and its expertise. In 2018, the company became a member of the Trust in Enterprise Messaging program of the MEF, that aims to create a sustainable mobile ecosystem.

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the Mail to SMS enables the sending of sms from your mailbox

How to send sms from Gmail or any other mailbox?

For companies, there is an important need of quick and efficient communication. Therefore, a lot of companies are choosing to send sms by emails, to quickly and easily pass the information. Discover here why you should adopt mail to sms too!

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SMSFactor s'est vu récompensé de son travail en étant lauréat du Fast 50 2015

SMSFactor (Infomotiv Company) laureate of the 15th edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 SMSFactor had the joy and honor to become one of 50 laureate of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, created to showcase the remarkable contribution of technology companies into the growth of the economy!

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Send your polls, votes and SMS satisfaction surveys with SMSFactor

A quick and easy satisfaction survey is possible? Well yes through SMS!

Discover the new surveys and questionnaires sent by SMS by organizations to their clients to have their feedback. Discover all the benefits of SMS poll and why it’s going to change your organization’s life!

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Une connexion directe opérateur :il s'agit de la connexion la plus fiable et la plus rapide en matière d’envoi de SMS, avec un débit de 1 000 SMS/minute.

Four steps to choose the best sms platform for your company

Discover here the 4 essentials steps that will allow you to choose pertinently the SMS platform that matchs the needs of your company!

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