Import your iPhone contacts on an Excel file

You want to send an SMS campaign, but your contacts are only on your iPhone and not on an Excel file? Then this tutorial is for you!

Indeed, to send professional SMS campaigns, it is necessary to import on the SMS platform you are using an Excel file with all the phone numbers of your recipients.

We are going to show you how to quickly import your iPhone contacts on an Excel file. Afterwards, you’ll be able to integrate your contacts list on our professional sms platform.

Extract your contacts

Firstly, please synchronize your contacts list with your iCloud account to update them.

Secondly, open iTunes:

Select the “Contacts” tab.

Import your iphone contacts from icloud
Export your contacts from icloud
Then, click on the “settings” icon on the bottom right of your page and click on “Export vCard”.

If needed, choose the option “Save the file” and confirm your choice by clicking “Ok”. But you might not need to do so, the saving can be automatic.

Convert your iCloud contacts file

Click on the following link to convert your file in the right format:

Once you’re on the page, select your vCard file in your documents by clicking on the “Choose file” tab and choose the option “Gmail (CSV)”.

And finally, click on “Convert” and save your file under the “CSV comma-separated values” format.

Convert your icloud file to be able to open it on Excel

Import your file on Excel

You’re almost done!

Import your converted contacts list from text on Excel
Open an Excel file. In the “Data” tab you’ll find the option “From Text”.

Click on it and look for your CSV file.

Select the “Delimited” option as showed in the example and go to the next step.
When importing your iphone contacts, follow the steps on Excel
When importing your iphone contacts, Select the options of your choice
Select all the following options: tab, semicolon, comma and space, so that your data is well separated.

This step is very important so you don’t end up with mixed data on your Excel file.

Select the “General” option and click on “Finish”.
Correctly set up your data on Excel to avoid mixed data
Last step! You’ll soon be able to send your professional SMS campaigns.
Import your iphone contacts on Excel to send SMS campaigns
Select the first line and the first column of your Excel as shown on the example.

Your numbers will all appear at the right place for our platform.

You are done, you know how to import your iPhone contacts!
You only have to connect on your SMSFactor account, upload your contacts file and send your SMS campaign!

Download our PDF tutorial