Your SMS Marketing campaign in less than 10 minutes !

Communicate with all your customers in 5 steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 1

Log on to our platform

Register for free on our website and get 10 SMS to test our services. Our online SMS platform is available 24/7. Log in with your username and start sending your messages.

Step 2

Import your contacts

Easily import your contact list from an Excel, csv or txt file. The duplicate numbers will be automatically deleted. You can edit, add or remove numbers from your lists directly onto the platform.

Step 3

Write your message

Write your message and manage your models. You can:

  • Customize the sender
  • Customize your messages with the first name or surname of your customers
  • Include a file, that will be host on our platform
  • Insert a shorten URL in the body of your SMS
  • Choose an immediate or delayed sending for your campaign
  • Import your list directly during your sending
Step 4

Send your SMS

Verify your campaign and send your SMS. You can program your sending on the date and time of your choice. With a 1,000 SMS per minute flow rate, SMS reception is almost instantaneous!

Step 5

Analyze your campaign statistics

After each sending, a report is available. Real time detailed statistics allow you to analyze your SMS campaigns: received and not received messages, click rate, invalid numbers and unsubscribing. You can receive this report automatically by mail.

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Get all the essential services !

Read receipts

You have access to the operators read receipts. Evaluate quickly received or non received messages but also the numbers that are not assigned.

Unsubscribe management

Offer a solution to unsubscribe to your customers. Unsubscribe management is automatic, the numbers are directly added to a blacklist.

Cleaning your files

Optimize your files and save money! Duplicates and unassigned numbers are automatically removed from your list.

Sender customization

You can customize your SMS sender by putting your brand, your store or your company name, up to 11 alphanumeric characters

SMS Merge

For even more effective campaigns , you can customize your SMS with the name or surname of your customers. Up to 4 personalization fields available.

SMS answers

Keep track of your SMS campaigns. You can receive your clients’ responses on our platform or directly in your inbox

Sign up for free and test - 10 free SMS

The SMS Marketing

With SMS Marketing you have a simple, quick to implement and extremely effective tool (97% reception rate) to publicize your promotions, offers or any other good plan you have.
Do not miss these mass sms mailings that allow you to reach all your customers in a matter of a few minutes and without needing any special skills! Follow this tutorial and you will master all the SMS Marketing Secrets by yourself!

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A predictable price whatever the chosen pack

Pack 1
  • 65 € excl tax
  • 0.065 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 2
  • 152.50 € excl tax
  • 0.061 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 4
  • 550 € excl tax
  • 0.055 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 5
  • 2450 € excl tax
  • 0.049 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date

No to “Low cost”

At SMSFactor we don’t offer a “Low cost” service to send your SMS. We guarantee an optimal rate of delivery, and real monitoring of your campaigns.

Custom Volume

Small or large volumes, if you want a specific number of SMS don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants to quickly get a personalized estimation cost on +339.


We provide you with free support when sending your campaigns. From preparing your files to scheduling your messages.

Monthly billing

To ease your life, SMSFactor proposes you the “tailored” bill according to your monthly consumption. This is payable by check, bank transfer or direct debit.

Call us on +339.

How to send sms from Gmail or any other mailbox?

Companies very often need to inform in real time, quickly and effectively. Bosses often need to communicate to some people precise ad urgent information. That why, many companies have chosen the rapidity and simplicity by sending sms by email to