With SMSFactor module you can sending SMS from Outlook
Also works with :
This Module SMS Outlook works also with Sharepoint 2010

Send an SMS from Outlook 2010 as easily as you send an email

With our Outlook® Mobile Service, benefit from the SMS functionalities of your Outlook software such as your contacts’ addresses, email transfer and appointment reminders by SMS.

No download, no setting up, you simply need to have an SMSFactor account and configure your Outlook® software to work with our SMS platform. Simple and Fast!

With your SMSFactor account, you can benefit from our complementary services such as sending history read receipts and statistics report.

You can also automate your SMS sending between SMSFactor and your mailbox throught the web service Zapier!

How to use the OMS-SMSFactor module?

  • Create your SMSFactor account, login and activate your 10 free SMS
  • Save your SMSFactor username and password in your new Outlook® Mobile account
  • Your software is ready to send SMS
  • Click on “Import Module”
  • Recharge your SMSFactor account from our interface
  • Configure an alert SMS to make sure you always have enough credits.

Why use SMS Outlook with SMSFactor ?

Features already integrated in Outlook® 2010

  • Use of your Outlook® address book
  • Appointment reminders by sms
  • Transfer of your emails by sms
  • Delayed SMS sending
  • Service OMS certified by Microsoft
  • Support/assistance by telephone and email
  • Operates in more than 200 countries

Discover all the  functionalities SMS Outlook® 2010

SMSFactor joins the Trust in Enterprise Messaging program as a quality expert of professional SMS

The Trust in Enterprise Messaging is the new program SMSFactor joined in December 2018. Created by different actors of the market, the point of this program is to act for a safe and secured professional SMS ecosystem. The Trust in