Send sms directly from a mailbox and this works with all messaging services

Extension Mail to SMS : How to send one or several sms by email ?

SMSFactor mailing sms extension allows to send sms directly from your mailbox and this works with all messaging service: gmail, outlook, yahoo, free or your professional mailbox.
Through our extension Mail to SMS, you can send grouped sms to several contacts at the same time, and personalize it. The number of professionnal SMS you can send depends on your mailing service. You can receive answers to these messages directly in your inbox and this for free.
You also have access, from your SMSFactor account, to all the statistics of your sendings.

You want to know how to do mail to sms with SMSFactor ?

How to send sms by email on the SMSFactor platform?

How does mail to SMS with SMSFactor work?

  • Create an SMSFactor account, login and activate your 10 free sms
  • Click on the “Services” tab and on the sub-tab entitled “MAIL2SMS”
  • Click on the red inactive button, this one will become green. Then, to register this action click on the “register” button located at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the type of Mail to SMS that you want to send: alert SMS or marketing SMS
  • Copy the address corresponding to the type of sms that you want to send
  • Login to your mailbox and open a new email
  • Write, as the recipient, the address corresponding to the type of your mailing sms
  • In the “subject” put the number(s) to whom you want to send your sms
  • Type your text directly in the body of your message
  • Don’t forget to remove your signature if you have one
  • Send your mail!

How to send an sms by mail ?

Discover our specifics modules mail to sms:

Mail to SMS with Outlook

You use Outlook 2007 or 2010 and you want to realize mail to SMS more easily?
Then, do not hesitate to come consult our page “send SMS with Outlook” which explains how to do this in a few clicks.

Mail to SMS with Zapier

You use the Zapier web service on your applications/softwares and you want to use mail to sms with this service? With SMSFactor this is possible, the integration is fast and simple thanks to our partnership with Zapier! Discover through this tutorial how to do this.

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SMSFactor joins the Trust in Enterprise Messaging program as a quality expert of professional SMS

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