Our SMS Survey solution

Marketers and survey Institutes, integrate SMS sending in your tools to create customers loyalty. Say STOP to lost time thanks to automation of your satisfaction surveys by SMS and be attentive to the needs of your clients.

Our solution allows you to carry out surveys in the heat of the moment! An incident happened? You just had a technical issue and need to reassure but also know how your clients or suppliers feel? Send them a survey in just a few clicks and receive the answers in real time.

You are organizing a vote and wish to dematerialize it for practical reasons, but still want to guarantee its safety and ease? Our solution answers your needs. You only pay SMS, without any management costs!

It is time to discover this new product that won’t fail to facilitate your life!

Discover our sms survey

Discover our sms survey module and use it to learn more about the satisfaction of your clients

You want to try SMS survey?

The SMS survey features

Questions formats

Choose the predefined format of answers adapted to your questions: open answers, multiple answers, “YES/NO” answers or comment!

“Thank you” message

End your survey with a personalized and adapted sms! Thank the respondent for participating.

Schedule your sending

Choose the best time to send your sms survey! You can decide to send it immediately or to delay it.

Responses statistics

Export the answers* of your survey in Excel file format! Choose to receive them on the platform or on your mailbox.

Personalized reminders

Send a personalized reminder to the people that did not finished your survey. Optimize your chances of getting more answers!

Analyze your statistics

Access your sending and reception statistics of your survey in real time! Export all statistics in PDF file format.
* Remember to check that you did not automatically personalized your SMS sender, or you won’t be able the receive the responses!

The rendering of our SMS Survey

Example of an sms survey with a reminder and a thank you message
Pack 1
  • 65 € excl tax
  • 0.065 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 2
  • 152.50 € excl tax
  • 0.061 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 4
  • 550 € excl tax
  • 0.055 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date
Pack 5
  • 2450 € excl tax
  • 0.049 € excl tax / SMS
  • All inclusive
  • No expiration date

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