with our reminder by sms plugin we connect in a few clicks your Google Calendar to our sms platform!

Your appointment reminders by sms in a few clicks

You need to set up appointment reminders by automated sms but you don’t know how to do it?
Don’t worry, with our reminder by sms plugin we connect your Google Calendar to our sms platform in a few clicks!
You can automate your reminders without needing any software in a few minutes.

How to connect your Google agenda to our SMS platform?

Why choose the appointment reminder by sms?

      • SMS is the most effective communication channel with a reading rate close to 97%.
        By sending your appointment reminders by sms, you ensure that your patients/customers receive a reminder and don’t forget you!
      • Lower your absenteeism rate and increase your sales revenue!
        A hospital evaluated an economy of 400 000€ after having set up an appointment reminder by sms!
        Indeed, absenteeism is particulary expensive and the sms is one of the best tool to fight it!
      • An agenda accessible everywhere!
        You can link your Google Agenda to your PC and your mobile, free of charge. You have an appointment to register but are not at the office and you are afraid you will forget to add it into your calendar later on ? Do it with your Google Calendar and everything will be synchronized in real time.
      • A simple turnkey solution
        With the appointment reminder by sms linked to your Google Calendar you will be able to centralize all your appointments in just one tool. No need to trouble yourself with multiples softwares or applications.

Why choose the SMSFactor SMS reminder plugin?

  • A free solution for the first calendar
    Our solution of appointment reminders by sms is integrated into our platform and we don’t ask for any additional installation cost!
    Moreover, for your first calendar, you only pay the SMS (65€ for 1 000 appointment reminders!) Past that, each calendar cost 20€ per year.
  • No software
    To use our plugin, you just have to choose Google Calendar, which is a free tool, to note your appointments. If you use another agenda do not hesitate to contact us, we can adapt it to our plugin.
  • A privileged support
    At SMSFactor, our customers are our main preoccupation. It is after the demand of one of them that we decided to create this plugin. Thus, even if you only have ten appointments per month, we support you in your approach.
    With us, there are no small or big customers, only partners!
  • Personalized appointment reminders
    You can personalize the message of your appointment reminder by reminding to your patient/customer the hour of his appointment, your working address or your number!
    You can also, for instance, ask him to answer with Yes or No to confirm or cancel his appointment and this without any supplementary cost!

Say goodbye to absenteeism and simplify your life and the one of your patients/customers

How to connect your Google Calendar to our SMS platform?

How does the appointment reminder by SMS with SMSFactor work?

    1. Create an SMSFactor account, login to your account and activate your 10 free SMS.
    2. Go on our online sms platform, click on the « Services » tab and then on the « Reminder » tab to create your automatic appointment reminder!
      Pay attention to choose the right calendar when you create your reminder.
    3. When you will create an appointment on your Google Calendar, an SMS reminder will be automatically programmed: it will be sent at the moment you will have defined when creating your reminder on our platform (D-1, D-7…).
    4. Your appointment reminders are automatic, you only have to buy an SMS pack and you’re done!

How to configure your appointments in Google Calendar?

Your reminders of meeting by SMS automated since your Google calendar

Discover our specifics plugins for appointment reminder by sms:

Appointment reminders by SMS with Zapier

You use the web service Zapier in your applications/software and you want to use the appointment reminder by sms with this service?
Thanks to our partnership with Zapier you can automate your appointment reminders with all their partners’ applications! Thanks to this tutorial, discover how to do it with Google Calendar.

You wish to do this automation with another application? Contact us and we will help you configure your zap!

Appointment reminders integration in a software / website

You use or possess a software or a website in which you would like to integrate the appointment reminder by SMS?
Thanks to our API SMS, your developer will be able to easily integrate this automation directly into its functioning.

You use a software or any other solution of calendar but you don’t own it? Give us their details and we will contact them for you because if you need it, their other users certainly do as well!

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